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Jaishree is the soul of Masterminds, an active and gregarious personality, she is known to brook no nonsense from either her vendors or clients or even her teammates. Having been trained in Bharatnatyam for over 15 years, Jaishree embodies the class and grace that Masterminds represents. Always on the lookout for new opportunities, Jaishree has

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An Advertising and Marketing veteran, Samir has been instrumental in charting the growth of Masterminds right from its infancy to a 360 degree events and marketing company.

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Begun in 1993, Masterminds Media Associates is now celebrating its 15th year in business. Masterminds Media Associates was a result of the breakdown of Masterminds Media Pvt. Ltd., which itself was set up by Samir Manocha in 1989. The core objective of the company then as now happens to be the ability to offer tangible

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